Ludger Remy, Les Amis de Philippe – C.P.E. Bach – Harpsichord Concertos Wq 30, 37 & 38 (1995)

Composer: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

Composition: Harpsichord Concertos Wq 30, 37 & 38

Performers: Ludger Remy, Les Amis de Philippe

Released: Classic Produktion Osnabruck | 1995

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C. P. E. Bach wrote more than 60 keyboard concertos for instruments ranging from harpsichord to piano–and everything in between. And believe me, there were a lot of strange instruments in between. Modern performances, however, generally prefer either the harpsichord or the piano, and the music works very well on either instrument. C. P. E. was the most famous of Bach’s sons–more famous than his father, actually, in the 18th century–and his music is extremely expressive and moving. As these exciting performances show, it’s highly emotional, quirky, and consistently interesting and unpredictable. He’s really a composer worth getting to know.


Concerto F-Dur Wq 38 (1763)
1.Allegro di molto 5:29
2.Poco adagio 7:44
3.Allegro 7:25

Concerto h-moll Wq 30 (1753)
4.Allegro di molto 9:20
5.Adagio 8:06
6.Allegro 7:35
>Concerto c-moll Wq 37 (1762)
7.Allegro assai 8:10
8.Andante ed arioso 5:35
9.Presto 5:11

Les Amis de Philippe
Ludger Remy – harpsichord and Direction

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