Jordi Savall, Hespèrion XXI, La Capella Reial De Catalunya – Granada 1013 – 1502 (2016)

Composer: Various

Composition: Granada 1013 - 1502

Performers: Jordi Savall, Hespèrion XXI, La Capella Reial De Catalunya

Released: AliaVox / 2016

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One of Catalan viol player Jordi Savall’s grand historical projects, Granada: 1013-1526 comes with a booklet that weighs in at 280 pages (it does repeat the same material in six different languages). You can learn a lot about the history of Spain during what is called the Golden Age, as it seesawed between Islamic and Christian control. The multicultural nature of the city involved not only Muslim Arabs, Christians, and Jews, but also Berbers, whose dynasties ruled the city during the first part of this period. The dates 1013 and 1526 reflect the establishment of the modern city by the Berber Zirid dynasty and the final recension of the Alhambra Decree, paving the way for persecution and expulsion of Muslims and Jews. Along the way is a host of historical events, including (perhaps of particular interest to American listeners) the voyages of Christopher Columbus (Cristobal Colón), whose diary is one of several musically accompanied readings Savall includes in the program. Thus, like many of Savall’s albums, this one can be approached on several levels. There’s the sensuous beauty of the music itself, with Savall’s basic groups enhanced by singers from Israel, Europe, and the Arab world. There’s the belief in the ability of music to reflect a vast sweep of history. And there’s the ingenuity in drawing on a variety of sources — narratives, dances, religious music, ceremonial pieces — in order to realize that ambitious aim. Another triumph from Savall and company. (source: Allmusic)

I. ÉPOCA ZIRÍ (1013)
01-02. Invocación: Qamti be-Ishon Layla ( Lior Elmaleh). Taksim & danza morisca (instr.) (Ney)
03.  Moaxaja: Billadi askara min aadbi Llama – Al-Andalus (D. El Maloumi & W. Bouhassoun)
04. Preces: Penitentes orate – Plegaria mozárabe s. XI (La Capella Reial de Catalunya)
05. Ductia (instr.) – Cantiga de Santa María 123 – Alfonso X El Sabio
06. Siónida: Yefe Nof – Yehudá Haleví (L. Elmaleh)
07. Taksim (Kanun). Moaxaja: Ya gosan naqa – Ibn Zuhr, Al-Ándalus (W. Bouhassoun)
08.  Carta conversión [Recit.] Las Estrellas de los cielos (instr.) – Anón. sefardí
09. Danza morisca (instrumental)
10. Lamento: Plange Castella misera – Códice de Las Huelgas, Anónimo s. X (M. Mauillon)
11. Danza de iniciación (instrumental)
12. Lamento árabo-andaluz Dror yiqrá (W. Bouhassoun & L. Elmaleh)
13. Poema en piedra de la Alhambra de Granada. [Recitado] (M. Forcano). Taqsim (instr.)
14. Pero que seja a gente – Cantiga de Santa María 181 (La Capella Reial de Catalunya)
15.  Romance fronterizo: Cerco de Baeza – Anónimo (CMP 106)
16. Lamento: El camino – La angustia – Improvisación andalusí (W. Bouhassoun)
17. Propiñan del Melyor (instr.) – Anónimo, s. XV
18.  Villancico: Aquella mora garrida – Gabriel (CMP 254) (La Capella Reial de Catalunya)
19. Villancico: Viva el gran Re Don Fernando – Carlo Verardi (La Capella Reial de Catalunya)
20. Romance: El pan de la aflicción – Plegaria sefardí (La Capella Reial de Catalunya & L. Elmaleh)
21.  Diario de abordo de Cristóbal Colón [Recitado] (M. Forcano). Flauta india (instr.)
22. Villancico: Todos los bienes del mundo – Juan del Enzina (La Capella Reial de Catalunya)
23. Crónica de los Reyes de Castilla [Recitado] (M. Forcano)
24. Lamento andalusí Maqam hijaz – Ibn Zaydún (W. Bouhassoun & L. Elmaleh)

Hespèrion XXI
Jordi Savall
La Capella Reial De Catalunya
Lior Elmaleh (canto)
Waed Bouhassoun (canto y oud)
Driss El Maloumi (canto y oud)

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