Giorgia Fumanti – Like A Dream (2004)

Composer: Vangelis "Crossover"

Composition: Like A Dream

Performers: Giorgia Fumanti

Released: Isba Canada / 2004

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Album of Vangelis cover versions by the beautiful Italian soprano.
Unlike other musicians who dream of singing from the moment they come out of their cot, Gioaria didn’t even think of a career in music until she was into her late teens. A voice capable of opera, Fumanti chooses to fully embrace the fusion of classical and pop, and is confident in taking artistic control over her albums, including writing her own material. Fumanti enjoys adapting already established pieces into something a little different. Nothing drastic, but enough to make it refreshing: any other artist would have covered Sarah Brightman’s adaptation of ‘Nella Fantasia’, but Fumanti records the song in English with her own lyrics. If you find pleasure in Izzy’s albums, you are likely to enjoy Giorgia.

01. Psalmus Ode
02. Like a Dream
03. Rachel’s Song
04. Come to Me
05. The Friends of Mr. Cairo
06. Voices
07. Losing Sleep
08. So Long Ago, So Clear
09. March with Me
10. Italian Song
11. Prelude
12. Chariots Of Fire
13. Prelude

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