Eduardo Paniagua – Cantigas de Extremadura – Alfonso X el Sabio 1221-1284 (2002)

Composer: Alfonso X el Sabio

Composition: Cantigas de Extremadura

Performers: Eduardo Paniagua, Musica Antigua

Released: Pneuma / 2002

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The Musica Antigua ensemble carries on in the tradition of Atrium Musicae de Madrid, and has a direct link to that ensemble in more ways than just aesthetics. Founder Eduardo Paniagua was member of the Atrium along with his three brothers, Luis, Carlos, and senior member, founder Gregorio Paniagua. The new group is based in Madrid, as was the Atrium. Eduardo created both the new group and a label, Pneuma, in 1994, and as usual for this family there was quite an ambitious goal set: the recording and interpretation of the complete “Cantigas of Santa Maria” manuscript attributed to Alfonso X, the Wise the poet king. The members of the group are vocal and instrumental specialists, performing on reproductions of antique instruments. These recreations were based on portraits from ancient books and the iconography of the 12th to 14th centuries. The group also focuses on Andalusian musics that have not been recorded previously, from the rich traditions and poetic antiquity of Moslem, Christian, and Jewish societies that intermingled during the first few hundred years of the second millenium. The group’s album Jardin de Al Andalus, a collection of Hispanic Moslem music, was highly praised by critics for, among other things, the recording of pieces in old buildings and other adventurous, sometimes echoey locations. (source: itunes)

01. CSM 144: El Toro de Plasencia «Con razon é d’averen gran pavor» [8:12]
Canto 1, 2 y 3, corneta, órgano portatil, salterio, cítola, fídula, flauta, tombak y atabal
02. CSM 334: El Loco del Aroche «De regorgir ome morto» [6:02]
Canto 2 y coro, salterio, cítola, viola de teclas, darbuga, dumbek, tar y gong
03. CSM 199: El Pellejero de Terena «Com’ é o mund’ avondado» [6:56]
Canto 3, 2 y coro, chirimía, órgano portatil, cítola, fídula, flauta, tombak y cántara
04. CSM 326: Ladrones de Colmenas «A Santa Maria muito ll’é greu» [8:38]
Canto 1 y 2, coro, laúd, salterio, viola de teclas, fídula, flauta, tombak y gong
05. CSM 329: Moro de Tudía «Muito per é gran dereito» [11:03]
Canto 2, 3 y coro, órgano portatil, corneta, salterio, fhal, laúd, fídula, cántara, palmas y tintinábulo
06. CSM 325: Cautiva de Tánger (Instrumental) [2:01]
Flautas pastoriles, tamburelo, daff y dumbek
07. CSM 197: Resurrección de un Niño «Como quer que gran poder» [8:26]
Canto 3, 2 y 1, órgano portatil, laúd, fídula, flautas y campanil

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