Carlos Mena, La Fenice, Jean Tubery – Vespro a voce sola – Monteverdi, Frescobaldi, Bovicelli (2002)

Composer: Monteverdi, Frescobaldi, Bovicelli

Composition: Vespro a voce sola

Performers: Carlos Mena, La Fenice, Jean Tubery

Released: Naive-Astree / 2002

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Years from now will the latter 20th/early 21st century be known as the era of the countertenor? A good case could be made for such a prediction, and you can add Spanish countertenor Carlos Mena’s name (and voice) to the current list of first-rate practitioners of this vocal art, which was nearly lost and forgotten until its revival in the 1950s. It seems that you can’t find a recording of Renaissance or Baroque vocal music these days that doesn’t include at least one countertenor–an invariably excellent countertenor at that. Even many among the new generation of female altos seem to be tailoring their sound to conform to the current countertenor vogue. (source: arkivmusic)

01. [Orazio Tarditi] Domine ad adjuvandum me 2:16
02. Antiphona prima: Ipse praeibit / [Adriano Banchieri] Dixit Dominus (Psalm 109) 5:12
03. [Girolamo Frescobaldi] La Bernardina (canzon) 3:28
04. Antiphona secunda: Joannes estnomen ejus / [Alessandro Grandi] Confitebor tibi Domine 4:58
05. [Claudio Monteverdi] Cantate Domino a due canti (motetto) 3:23
06. Antiphona tertia: Ex utero senectutis / [Tarditi] Beatus vir qui timet Dominum 7:27
07. [Biagio Marini] Sonata sopra fuggi da lieti amanti 3:01
08. Antiphona quarta: Iste puer magnus / [Tarquinio Merula] Laudate Pueri 5:32
09. [Giovanni Legrenzi] “La Buscha” (sonata) 3:53
10. Antiphona quinta: Inter natos mulierum / [Margarita Chiara Cozzolani] Laudate Domino 5:31
11. [Andrea Falconieri] Ciaccona a3 2:10
12. [Frescobaldi] Cappricio sopra Ut re mi fa sol la 1:33
13. [Monteverdi] Ut queant laxis, hymnus sancti Joannis 3:40
14. [Frescobaldi] Cappricio sopra La sol fa mi re ut 1:49
15. Antiphona ad Magnificat: Ingresso Zacharia / [Giovanni Battista Bovicelli] Magnificat anima mea 7:53
16. Benedicam Domino / Deo Gratia 0:59

Carlos Mena (alto)

La Fenice:
Jean Tubery, Gebhard David (cornets a bouquin)
Mira Glodeanu (violon baroque)
Emilia Gliozzi (violoncelle baroque)
Jeremie Papasergio (basson)
Eero Palviainen (archiluth)
Jean-Marc Aymes (orgue positif)
Gebhard David, Carlos Mena, Jean Tubery (plain-chant)
Enrico Onofri (violon baroque)
dir. Jean Tubery

Recorded in June 2002 in Saligny Church, France

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