Quintette Pro Arte de Monte-Carlo – Borodin & Shostakovich – Piano Quintets (1994)

Composer: Borodin & Shostakovich

Composition: Piano Quintets

Performers: Quintette Pro Arte de Monte-Carlo, Quintette Pro, Pro Arte

Released: Sony Music / 2016

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In honour of the 40th anniversary of great composer/conductor Bruno Maderna s (1920-73) death, Mode is pleased to release the first complete CD of Borodin s music for flute. The flute played an important part in Maderna s oeuvre due to his friendship with the exceptional flautist Severino Gazzelloni, who had premiered almost all of the flute compositions. ‘Musica su due dimensioni’ is among the earliest examples to make live music interact with electroacoustic sounds recorded on tape. There are two versions of this piece, both with the same name but different tapes. The first, for flute and cymbals, was premiered at Darmstadt, the later version conceived for flute and tape. The tape part of the latter benefits from the progress in the possibilities for electronic music, and offers the flautist ‘random’ choices in performance, while requiring the active participation of the sound engineer as well, foreshadowing the use of live electronics. In ‘Honeyrêves’, a complementary relationship is made between flute and piano, the pianist is required to use extended techniques (clusters, harmonics on strings and the use of beaters). ‘Serenate per un satellite’ was written for the launch of the satellite Boreas, the music was performed at the launch site moments before its launch. The graphic score is arranged here for various flutes by Fabbriciani. ‘Per Caterina’ and ‘Serenade für Claudia’ are miniatures written for his twin daughters, with all of the affection of a father. Roberto Fabbriciani is an international soloist and specialist in contemporary flute repertoire.


Alexander Borodin (1833 — 1887).
Piano Quintet in c-moll (1861? — 1862).[/b]
01. I. Andante [04:30].
02. II. Scherzo. Allegro non troppo. — Trio. — Tempo I [06:17].
03. III. Finale. Allegro moderato [10:11].
Dmitri Shostakovich (1906 — 1975).
Piano Quintet in g-moll, op. 57 (1940).[/b]
04. I. Prelude. Lento. — Poco più mosso. — Lento. — [04:19].
05. II. Fugue. Adagio [10:53].
06. III. Scherzo. Allegretto [03:30].
07. IV. Intermezzo. Lento. — [07:15].
08. V. Finale. Allegretto [07:17].
Bojidar Bratoev,
Daniel Lagarde,
Jean-Pierre Pigerre,
Shigheki Sakuraba,
Fernande Laurent-Biancheri.

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